About Us – Jane and George

Jane Conway

Who loves summer and warmth.

She knows how to keep herself warm even during freezing winters. She calculates and simulates buildings’ heat leakages and isolation.

Contact me: [email protected]

George Davis

One who likes winter.

A master of cooling down indoor air during hot California’s summers. Has a master’s degree in physics with a specialization in airflow.

My email: [email protected]

Hello, we are George & Jane – welcome to our website Air Focused. We are a couple originally from Dallas (Texas) now we live half of the year in Santa Maria (California) and the second half in Kalispell (Montana). We have been thinking about creating this website for a very long time. In further paragraphs, you can find out why. Our website is focusing on 3 main topics. It is heating, cooling, and air quality.

Heating: This is Jane’s domain. It is easy to find out why – she loves warm, cozy, and sunny activities especially beach ones (she is the master of sunbathing – trust me). But when it comes to our house and indoor temperature – it has to be above the average (like California during a hot summer). When Jane has to stay at home for a while she needs a similar temperature. Because of that Jane mastered the ability and the knowledge of how to generate, accumulate, and circulate the hot indoor air in the most effective ways possible. It comes handy especially when we move back to Montana for the winter season.

Cooling: When it comes to cooling George is a true professional. Without it, he won’t be able to survive California’s hot summer seasons. He knows exactly which type of air conditioning and fans you should use. Which type is best to use to get the best efficiency. He dislikes the noise and thus he mostly recommends only really quiet devices.

Air Quality: Because Jane is allergic and George has asthma both of us want to have clear and quality air when we are at home. We mastered and tested so many possibilities about how to get the cleanest air. And here at Air Focused web, we will share them with you.

Air Focused is the website where these three needs come together. George is one who has the knowledge and hands-on experience with cooling, ventilation planning, and with air conditioning. Or just simply he can’t survive temperature above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. And Jane is exact opposite she is freezing under 70 degrees Fahrenheit. George and Jane couldn’t be more different in their optimal temperatures. That is why they are experts in reasoning why their temperature is better. They share a similar passion but from different angles. By visiting Air Focused, you can choose your preferred side – warmth or cool.

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