Air Conditioner Vs Open Window: What's The Winner?

Air Conditioner Vs Open Window: What’s The Winner?

Since the climate is changing recently lots of us have started to think about the possibility of buying an air conditioner. My uncle Ted has belonged to a group of people who refuse to buy any AC unit. His arguments were high overall costs and saving the environment. He claimed he is satisfied in his apartment however he doesn’t own any modern and expensive machine for cooling the air down. He was a pioneer of new and curious methods of how to cool your home without having to AC appliance. If we asked uncle Ted if he doesn’t want to buy some air conditioner he always answered that he was fine when he has an open window.

My uncle Ted inspired me to write this article because I think there are many people who don’t like air conditioners in general for some reason. These guys prefer open windows and other methods on how to cool their homes. This article should give you a better overview of all the cons and pros that are related to using air conditioners or simply having an open window.

Maybe you will find out some interesting facts here and maybe you will change your mind for using an AC unit or having an open window. The goal of this article isn’t to persuade you to do the opposite of what you have been doing. We write this article to open your eyes and show you that there are always benefits and drawbacks and it’s up to us what we are willing to accept.

Air Conditioner For Every Room

Using the air conditioner is very popular and many people own some unit. The market with these appliances is rich and you can choose from cheap window air conditioners or wall-through units, average priced portable machines, expensive central AC systems, and many many others. You can operate them in homes, offices, gyms and furthermore in recreational vehicles or cars. Every place that you visit literally has an air conditioner these days.

Why Are AC Units So Popular?

One of the strongest arguments should be our physical and mental health. Our body is set to feel comfortable in a range of 72 up to 79 degrees Fahrenheit. This rage is optimal for working or doing some physically demanding activity.

If the temperature reaches the higher threshold our body has a serious problem. Why? The reason is our body has to struggle with the cooling of our organism and consumes lots of energy. At this moment we can’t do any physically demanding activity without facing troubles with breathing, sweating, etc. Doing a workout is a challenge and it can lead to a heart attack. If we want to work at high temperature our brain can’t because it can’t work properly. It requires to be cooled before. Thinking is more complicated and your response to a question is 2.4sec longer however you know the answer.

When our body is overheated we can’t work, doing any exercise or physical activity, we just sweat and breathe. Therefore, we run AC units at every place where we spend more than 5 minutes. It helps us and it improves the quality of our lives.

On the market, there are tons of models and brands at all price categories. It means the units are affordable for everyone. And if the customer chooses a cheaper machine the operating during hot months is very cheap as well. Of course, when we buy a more expensive appliance we have to take into consideration higher monthly costs along with paid maintenance, etc.

AC units are very easy to use. The controls and functions are very easy and work very very similar in general. if you know how to control one unit you won’t have trouble to run another one however you have never seen this brand and model before. Functions like sleeping mode, fan speed adjustment, or programmable timer are offered even by cheap units and everybody is able to learn how to use them.

Air Conditioner Cons and Pros

Before we compare the air conditioner vs open window we need to point out all the benefits and drawbacks belonging to both versions. As everything in our life also the air conditioners have the cons and pros. Everybody who wants to own and operate the unit should know about all the advantages and disadvantages. Of course, some things are visible after some time of having the appliance at home because nobody warns you before.


  • Lots of different models available for every kind of room or RV in all prices on the market.
  • Many functions helping our body to adapt and survive heatwaves.
  • Cool air giving us a chance to work, exercise, study, and chill at a comfortable temperature.
  • Dehumidifying and protection against mold and mildew.
  • Protection against pollen.
  • You don’t need to struggle with a terrible smell from outside, insects.
  • Removing dirt particles from the room air.
  • Available HEPA filter.


  • Overall costs including starting price, monthly costs, maintenance, etc.
  • Another device that you have to store during winter (there is only one exception and that is a central unit).
  • Regular maintenance has to be done manually by the owner.

Open Window as Eco-Friendly Solution

It doesn’t matter if you love to be eco-friendly or you don’t like spending money on things you think we don’t need. Once, you don’t have an AC unit at home you have to rely on natural solutions of our ancestors and people who lived in southern countries for centuries.

In many countries, it’s still not common to use an air conditioner when the summer comes. People are not used to owning and running the machines. They have many reasons but for many of them, the most important aspect is money.

An open window is an amazing thing but you should keep in mind that the insect nets are great protection in every region.

Open Window Cons and Pros

It’s very ecological to have an open window. But you can’t rely on the air flowing inside. During many summer months in many countries, the wind almost doesn’t flow.


  • You don’t need to pay any cent for buying a unit and operating it.
  • Even the quietest AC units make some noise and if you don’t have you don’t need to listen to it. It’s perfect for sensitive people.
  • You are not dependent on electric energy.
  • The air you breathe through the open window is fresh.


  • During very hot days your body has to struggle with a temperature that is unhealthy for any physical activity or working.
  • If you haven’t installed nets in the windows you will be permanently attacked by insects.
  • When the night is very hot and the wind doesn’t flow the open window doesn’t help you and it’s almost impossible to fall asleep.

Air Conditioner Vs Open Window

It’s not easy to compare air conditioner vs open window and be fair. Both variants represent a different attitude.

But I think it’s fair to say there are always some advantages and disadvantages. You can use for ventilation into a room only open window. But if the temperature during the night (when the usually the temperature drops down) is still very high and the wind doesn’t flow through the open window it can’t help you to reduce the temperature in the home and prepare the apartment or house for a next hot day.

Of course, it’s very important to understand that most of the air conditioners work only with room air. It means you breathe the same air however it’s cooled. For better brain function and better concentration, we need continuous fresh air supply. And we are not able to reach this goal by using an air conditioner. However, the AC units control the level of humidity and are able to reduce it, they can’t help you to get the fresh air in. If you don’t have any problem with fresh air or headache the open window is enough for you but depending on a region where you live you can deal with high humidity.

On the other hand, the air that is only circulating in the room is sucked in the air conditioner and is pushed through an air filter. This process removes dirt, pollen, allergens, and dust particles. If you open the window and suffer from some allergies the outside air will worsen your symptoms.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter if you belong to a group of people who prefer to live without the AC unit or if you can’t imagine your everyday life in summer without an air conditioner. The truth is both variants can provide lots of benefits but unfortunately, they also offer drawbacks.

The open window saves money and helps the environment but when the wind doesn’t flow and the outside temperature is high you will be melting on a couch or in a bed. Also, for people suffering from any kind of pollen or dust allergies is much better to breathe air removed from any dangerous particles and it offers only air conditioner.

As my uncle Ted usually says everything is normal if you are satisfied with it and it doesn’t matter if it’s an air conditioner vs open window.

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