Central Air Conditioning vs Window AC Unit: Which Is Better?

Central Air Conditioning vs Window AC Unit: Which Is Better?

Lots of people are wondering what is better window AC vs central AC? However, in many cases, there is no chance to choose one of them, unfortunately. Living in an old apartment built before the era of air conditioning doesn’t allow you to install central AC needing lots of space to work properly. On the other hand, if you have a chance to choose between these two kinds of appliances you should pay attention to this article and consider all the cons and pros of the units before buying one of them.

If you have already bought a central unit or a window air conditioning and still need some additional information or you are not sure if you made a smart decision you’re in a good place. This article is dedicated to the comparison of window AC vs central AC from many points of view such as price, bills for energy, efficiency, maintenance, limitations, etc.

Comparing Window AC vs Central AC

Before we get started with a comparing of window AC vs central AC it’s a great idea to explain how the units work. People usually don’t know the crucial facts about these appliances which make their final decision harder.

Definition of Window Unit

As the name is saying the window air conditioning units are designed to operate just in one room of your home.

The window AC as one device contains all of the air conditioning components and is usually installed on a windowsill.

All units work on a principle of two fans on either side of the device. The first fan is next to the condenser and the second one is next to the evaporator. The unit is powered by a double shaft motor.

To clarify, the side you look at from your room contains an evaporator. This side of AC simply helps you to cool down the room at home.

The outer side contains condenser helping the hot air to be collected to the outdoors.

Unfortunately, there is no extension as filtration and you can deal with possible side effects such as pollen allergies regarding not filtered air flowing into your room. This can be a serious possible drawback for comparison of window AC vs central AC for more sensitive people.

Definition of Central Unit

The central air conditioning units are getting to be more and more popular and they are successfully installed in modern homes.

Their biggest advantage is the fact that they’re constructed to provide a great service and colling comfort in the entire house. Therefore, they give you maximum comfort.

The Unit works on a principle of airflow through ducts from a floor to a ceiling. Regarding the duct network, the air can flow constantly to every corner from the top to the bottom and precisely cool down your home without omitting hot and cold spots.

The standard central AC is consists of two main parts:

  • An outdoor condenser unit.
  • An indoor evaporator coil.

The refrigeration lines represent a great connection between these two parts and allow the thermostat to control the temperature in your home. Effective filtration is also connected as a perfect extension and helps you to clean the air before it enters your rooms. This provides you extra help if you have asthma or pollen allergies.

Considering The Cons And Pros Of Window AC vs Central AC

Let’s take a detailed look at all cons and pros which should be taken into consideration before you make a final decision to buy one of the units. It’s always better to think before you spend your money on something that maybe won’t meet your requirements and needs.

Central AC Pros:

Efficiency & Extensions – They are simply brilliant as they send the air through the whole house and cool down every room of your home. If somebody from your family has asthma or suffers from any allergies you can install a filtration to filtrate the air before it’s sent to the home and protect your beloved people.

No Hot And Cold Spots – The air is sent from the ceiling to the floor efficiently and it comes in every corner. There is no need to be worried about hot and cold spots in rooms.

Comfort in The Entire House – Since the house is cooled down as one unit the cooling is very effective. You don’t need to struggle with lost during opening the door between the cooled room and not cooled room.

Humidity – The high level of humidity is a nightmare for every owner of AC. The goal is to keep it on the right level otherwise your unit needs to work harder and consume lots of energy which means higher bills for electricity. In comparison to central AC vs window AC, the central appliance wins. The central unit controls the humidity level and is able to keep it on the right value without having to have your assistance.

Central AC Cons:

They Are Expensive – The units have to be installed by professionals which costs money. But it’s not enough. You run a big system during all of the hot months. It means you will pay higher bills monthly.

Installation and Repair By Professionals – It’s a sad fact you need professionals to install the device to work effectively. Also, you have to ask for a professional repair.

Professional Maintenance – The central air conditioning is a very complicated system of duct network and you should rely on professionals who are able to maintain your device. The price for this service is definitely dependent on your system.

Window AC Pros:

Inexpensive To Buy And Operate – These appliances are so popular because lots of people are simply able to buy them and run them without having to focus on a budget. In a financial comparison of window AC vs central AC, the window unit wins.

Cool Down What You Need – Compared to a central unit system you operate the unit only in a room you really use and where you are not the entire of the house. If you know you are going to spend most of your time during a summer in a living room you can switch on the device there. And you don’t need to be bothered with paying high bills for rooms you usually don’t use.

Easy Installation – It’s very easy to install the unit and there is no need to pay for it. After buying a suitable device you just need to open a window and put it onto the windowsill. Fasten the window shut by using a few screws and that’s it. Or you can also watch tons of DIY videos on Youtube and follow described instruction.

Window AC Cons:

Filtration Feature – Unfortunately, window air conditing doesn’t allow you to install any additional feature like a filtration. If you have any respiration healthy issue or suffer from a pollen allergy you can’t rely on this device. Then, the better option is to choose the central AC.

Works Only In One Room – This unit is designed to cool only one room in a home. You shouldn’t rely on one unit for all rooms just because you open the doors. The only possibility is to install one unit into every room.

Hot Spots – The window air conditioning is designed for one room but there is no system of ducts sending the air through from the top to the bottom. Therefore, you can deal with an unpleasant fact that is hot and cold spots.

Deinstallation In Winter – You can’t store the unit in a window in winter months. The weather condition could damage your air condition device. Instead, you need to reinstall the AC and store it. To clarify, you need extra space for the unit during cold months.

The Bottom Line

Both units have advantages and drawbacks in a challenge of central AC vs window AC and there is no crystal clear answer about what is the best choice for you.

The central AC consumes more energy and you need extra budget for summer months to operate the system. On the other hand, if you have a person with any respiration healthy issue in your family the central appliance should be number one. Unfortunately, this choice isn’t completely up to you this is up to the layout of your house. So, if your financial situation is good enough, you prefer the very well cooled house, and the layout of the house is optimal you can buy the central device.

The window AC isn’t such a high investment and it’s not expensive for operating. You also don’t need to pay for installation and maintenance. If you don’t have enough money either space as many people around you can rely on this appliance. Window air conditioning is a good balance between a smaller amount of money and performance.

If you are still not sure you can consult your problem with professionals and ask for advice. Always it’s much better to spend some money and make a good decision before wasting your money when making a mistake. Stay cool!

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