The Best Through the Wall AC Units in 2021: Detailed Review

The Best Through the Wall AC Units in 2021: Detailed Review

Through the wall AS units are very affordable types of cooling appliances. And the initial price isn’t the only benefit they can provide. The estimated yearly costs aren’t so high compared to the central AC system or some other air conditioning types. Compared to window units, the wall-mounted air cooling devices don’t require to be stored during cold and wet months in a dry place. Those units are primarily designed for a permanent installation.

And if I’m talking about the installation, I have to point out another great benefit which is an easy installation process. There is no need to hire an expert if you are a skillful person, at least a little bit. Most of the units are designed to be used also in the winter because they have very strong heating performance.

Most modern models are packed with lots of features, functions, and modes that significantly improve your comfort. In general, the thru the wall air conditioners provide a great price-performance ratio. They are very energy efficient. And they do not block the daylight either the window as the window units do.

The Best Through the Wall AC Units in Review

However, thru the wall air conditioner is a simple device it’s able to provide a full-service comparable with other types of cooling machines. You shouldn’t orient among them only according to the cooling power in BTU. I recommend also involving other parameters into your final choice.

To be more specific, the through the wall AC units are usually chosen because of their possibility to be used during hot and cold months and serve you the best portion of cool air along with the warmth.

On the market, there are tons of models and accessories and I must admit it’s not easy to orient among them. Always keep in mind you should focus on the functions and features that are crucial for you or you have some positive experience with them from the past. For many of us, there are some aspects we prefer more. I prepared an honest review where the models are picked according to the most wanted and searched functions such as heat, noise level, dehumidification level, and others.

Most Energy Efficient

Friedrich Chill CP06G10B 6,000 BTU

If you are an owner of a small-sized room you will appreciate a through the wall AC unit suitable for it. This cooling appliance will perfectly work for the floor space up to 250 sq. ft. And if you are still not sure where to install it, you can decide if it’s better to put it on a windowsill or into the wall. Both installations are possible.

I have to rate very positively the energy efficiency of this Friedrich through the wall air conditioner. First of all, it’s Energy Star certified which helps you to save up to 15% more energy compared to units without this qualification. And the second benefit is its Energy Efficient Ratio (EER) which is 11.2. It’s fantastic! And the saver mode keeps you stay away from high energy bills.

However, it’s designed only for small rooms this model offers lots of functions and features. The auto air sweep swings louvers and distributes the air over the room. The dehumidification function helps you to remove all the moisture from the air. Washable air filter and full-function remote control are also one of the best must-haves!


  • Dept: 20.68″
  • Height: 13.875″
  • Width: 18.56″

For those who are looking for a unit that provides full comfort, however, they live in a small room I recommend this thru the wall AC unit. The only possible drawback could be the absence of any kind of supplemental heating.

  • 6,000 BTU cooling capacity.
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 11.7.
  • Energy Star qualified.
  • Through the wall or window installation.
  • No supplemental heating option.

With Heating Combo

Koldfront WTC8001W 8,000 BTU with Heat

This wall mounted AC unit is ideal if you’re searching for an appliance having also the heating function. It’s designed to cool up to 350 sq. ft. The heating capacity is 4200 BTU which helps you to heat up to 100 sq. ft. From my point of view, it’s more than perfect for mid-sized rooms at home or offices.

The model offers energy saver mode for those who prefer to have their energy bills under controls. The estimated yearly energy costs are about $81 and I think it affordable. And the last point related to the energy efficiency of this model is its Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). You can rely on 9.6 EER.

In general, the best through the wall ac units should have EER higher than 9.7. Then, it’s possible to consider them as energy efficient. This model from Koldfront has 9.6. I wouldn’t do a big drama about that but honestly, it could be a bit better.


  • Dept: 20-3/8″
  • Height: 14-1/2″
  • Width: 24-1/4″

From my point of view, it’s a very energy efficient Koldfront model. It’s an affordable device and furthermore it offers also the supplemental heating option. You will appreciate this function especially in bedrooms or living rooms where you mostly sit and an additional source of heat is always amazing.

  • 8,000 BTU of cooling capacity.
  • 4,200 BTU of heating capacity.
  • Full-function remote control.
  • Energy saver mode.
  • Sleeve model WTCSLV is sold separately.
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 9.6.

Quiet and Energy Star certified

Friedrich Co. CP08G10B 8,000 BTU

A very well rated Friedrich through the wall AC unit with strong 8,000 BTU cooling performance. It’s designed to keep you cool in a room with a floor space up to 350 sq. ft. The installation into a wall sleeve or on the window is possible.

Since there are two possibilities where you can install the unit the power cord can be run either left or right out of the side of the front.

Very positive are the estimated yearly energy costs. You can rely on $62 on the average which is more than pleasant for such a great model. It’s necessary to pay attention to the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 11.2 and the Energy Star qualification. And like many other units from Friedrich, it also has an energy saver mode.

If you’re looking for a very very quiet unit for bedrooms or living rooms I recommend buying this one. It has amazing results with a very low noise level.


  • Dept: 20.7″
  • Height: 13.9″
  • Width: 18.6″

From my humble point of view, this unit is a little gem. It’s more than energy and noise efficient. Keep in mind the price is related to the noise level. If you really desire to obtain a good and quiet unit you will have to understand there is a higher initial price.

  • 8,000 BTU cooling capacity.
  • WIndow and through the wall installation.
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is 11.2.
  • Energy Star Qualified.
  • Very quiet unit.
  • No supplemental heating function.

Quiet with Heat Combo

LG LT1037HNR 10,000 BTU with Heat

This model from LG is designed to cool the area up to 450 sq. ft with cooling capacity 10,000BTU. I personally appreciate a lot its heating capacity. It has 11,200 heating BTU performance (up to 550 sq. ft.). It’s possible to use it as a main source of heat. A perfect thing during winter.

The estimated yearly costs are about $112. I don’t think it’s too much if you consider the fact it’s a very strong unit with a strong heating function.

The through the wall AC unit is energy efficient if it has the EER higher than 9.7 and this model has (guess what) 9.7 EER. Congrats LG, your model is OK. Furthermore, it’s provided with an energy saver mode.

What I have to point out is its noise level. It’s only 53 dB loud on low. Compared to other similar versions of thru the wall ACs it’s a very nice parameter.

Personally, I miss the sleep mode which is very specific for LG and I like how quiet their unit can be if they operate the sleep mode.


  • Dept: 20.09″
  • Height: 14.41″
  • Width: 24.00″

This wall mounted air conditioner is worth it because it offers very efficient cooling and heating performance with a low noise level. The washable filter, auto restart, and programmable timer are must-haves that always make your life better and comfier.

  • 10,000 BTU cooling capacity.
  • 11,200 BTU heating capacity.
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 9.7.
  • Energy saver mode.
  • Auto-restart.
  • No sleep mode.

High Dehumidification Level

Koldfront WTC12001W 12,000 BTU with Heat

Koldfront through the wall AC unit can help you feel comfy all year round because it provides cooling and heating option. In the summer it’s able to cool up to 550 sq. ft. In winter season it works to heat up the floor space up to 450 sq. ft.

The digital thermostat is a better variant for the modern models and you will also love the sleep function and energy saver mode. The EER is 9.5. It’s not bad because it’s very close to the energy-efficient value of 9.7EER.

What I can see as a big benefit and you should take it into consideration is the dehumidification level. It’s 60 pints per day. In general, it’s brilliant especially if you struggle with a very damp room (80-90% humidity level). I think it could solve your problem.

But keep in mind it’s compatible with the Koldfront wall air conditioner sleeve (WTCSLV) which is usually sold separately.


  • Dept: 20.3″
  • Height: 14.5″
  • Width: 24.2″

If you struggle with a high humidity level at home, I can recommend this model from Koldfront. It’s energy and humidity efficient. And helps you to remove all the unpleasant moisture from the room air and protect your room against mold, wet spots on the floor and walls, and a terrible odor. Just do not forget to operate the unit at least 30 minutes to ensure the humidity function has time to work properly.

  • 12,000 BTU cooling performance.
  • 10,600 BTU heating performance.
  • Dehumidification level 60 pints/day.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Energy saver mode.
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 9.5.
  • Special 230V electrical outlet required.

Best for Allergic People

Frigidaire FFTA1233Q2 12,000 BTU

This efficient unit is able to cool a floor space up to 550 sq. ft. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t offer a heat combo.

If your struggle with a high humidity level this model solves your situation because it provides a high dehumidification level up to 3.5 pints per hour. It helps you to remove the moisture from the

Personally, I like two things. The first one is that this Frigidaire through the wall air conditioner fits into the most standard sleeves. Therefore, you won’t any problem buying a sleeve. The second advantage is the trim kit is included.

As a possible drawback can be the requirement for a 230V electrical outlet. This model won’t operate with a standard 115V outlet. Be prepared for it.


  • Dept: 20.5″
  • Height: 14.5″
  • Width: 24.0″

If you love to keep your energy bills under control this Frigidaire model is perfect. It has an energy saver mode and it’s also Energy Star certified. It conserves up to 15% of energy. And if you are allergic or have an allergic member or family you will appreciate an antibacterial air filter reducing bacterias and odor. And the clean filter alert helps you as well.

  • 12,000 BTU cooling power.
  • Energy Star qualified.
  • 24-hour on/off programmable filter.
  • Very efficient dehumidification.
  • Special 230V electrical outlet required.

For Mid-sized Room

Frigidaire FFRH1822R2 18,500 BTU with Heat

A perfect model manufactured for cooling a floor space up to 1050 sq. ft. provides lots of functions and features for your mid-sized rooms.

Since you can rely on the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 10.7, it’s a very efficient unit. And the estimated yearly energy costs are $156. However, it’s only calculated value and the real can be different I think it’s a very good number for a unit suitable for mid-sized rooms.

If you prefer to use the unit all year round I have good news. This Frigidaire through the wall AC unit offers also 16,000 BTU heating performance. It’s possible to use it as a main source of heat if the outside temperature is above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. When it drops below you can still count on the supplemental heating option. It’s very pleasant.


  • Dept: 25.4″
  • Height: 17.9″
  • Width: 23.6″

Functions and features such as sleep mode, effortless temperature control, programmable 24-hour on/off timer and many others make from this unit a brilliant air conditioning appliance. If you need a sufficient through the wall AC I can recommend this machine.

  • 18,500 BTU cooling power.
  • 16,000 BTU heating power.
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 10.7.
  • Special 230V electrical outlet required.

In Summary

One of the biggest advantages of through the wall AC units is their possibility to be permanently installed without having to be reinstalled after the season for some reason. Once, the appliance is sitting inside its sleeve you can fully rely on cooling effect and if you choose the thru the wall air conditioner with heat you will enjoy the warm air during colder days as well.

This type of air conditioning system is very energy efficient. The estimated yearly costs aren’t so high but still, you receive a very well manufactured unit with lots of functions, features, and modes. They give you a new level of comfort.

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