11 Interesting Benefits of Using Window Air Conditioner

11 Interesting Benefits of Using Window Air Conditioner

In super hot summer months people are melting down. The purchase of an air conditioner can solve the annoying issue with hot air and being permanently sweat. But for many of us, it’s not easy. There are lots of factors we have to consider before we make a final decision and buy a unit powerful enough to cool down our home.

Some of us are on a budget and some of us just don’t know our possibilities. The window units are a very efficient solution for everybody who is looking for a genius price-performance ratio. Be prepared for the summer and enjoy cool comfort in your home.

What are the interesting benefits of using a window air conditioner? Let’s go through all the important points representing the advantages of a window AC unit.

Low Price

It’s likely that you start searching for a window AC unit because of your budget. It’s not a secret the units are cheap. You don’t need to break into a bank to buy one.

If you will be able to choose the best option for your home you can spend only about a few hundred dollars. Of course, if you are a student or don’t have enough money you can buy a used machine and save a lot.

The final price depends on the brand, BTU capacity (British Thermal Unit), and the additional features of the unit you want to buy. Before purchase, you should measure the square footage of the room you need the AC for along with the appropriate BTU. The basic rule is that the bigger room needs more BTU to effectively cool down the place. Check out some websites with BTU calculator to find out what BTU you’re looking for.

Affordable Cost

It’s not about the price of the unit but it’s also about the energy bills for operating the unit every month in a season. If you compare for example the central air conditioning system with a window AC unit the window device is cheaper.

In general, if you decide to buy some air conditioner you should consider all the costs related to the unit. One of them is definitely the operating cost every month in a season when the machine is used. Keep it in mind and involve it in your calculation of the final price and costs.

Since the unit is designed to be used in one room of your home the operating costs aren’t expensive. Be prepared for $20-30 every month. If we use the comparison of central AC unit vs window AC unit it’s very cheap and therefore it’s one of the interesting benefits of using a window air conditioner.

Always calculate the price and costs together to have a good overview of the overall cost. It’s better to know the sum of money before than to be surprised after.

High Energy Efficiency

One of the most important and interesting benefits of using a window air conditioner is high energy efficiency. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money the window unit is the best choice for you.

The modern unit can offer an amazing energy efficiency ratio (EER). This parameter represents how much energy the unit needs to operate compare to how much they are able to cool the room. If you desire to cut your energy bills the tip is to find a unit with a seriously high EER. If you are going to buy a used unit ask the owner to tell you what is the EER of the selling appliance.

If you are looking for the most efficient unit you should buy an Energy-Star certified machine – check the most energy-efficient window air conditioners. This Certification is a good sign that your device consumes minimum energy but gives you maximum performance.

Easy Installation Without Professionals

Paying for professional services is always so expensive. Thankfully, the window AC unit doesn’t require professional assistance for installation or possible reinstallation.

Since the window units are designed to be installed on a windowsill you might need another pair of hands to help you a bit. It’s not a big drama but you will maybe appreciate them.

Every unit comes with detailed instructions on how to install the device on a windowsill. Of course, the instructions can slightly vary according to the brand and model. But don’t be worried. The basic principle is still the same. You have to put the unit on a windowsill and mounted the appliance and the shut by using a few screws.

Following the instructions step by step allows you to do a great job without having to pay for it. But if you’re not sure about the steps you can also use some video tutorials available for many models on the internet.

Targeted And Supplemental Cooling

The window AC unit is designed to work in one room of a home. It means the owners of the device install the unit in a room where they desire to obtain the required temperature of the air. The benefits of using a window air conditioner involve the targeted cooling. It’s very simple to focus on a room where you spend most of your time. To clarify, you cool down only rooms you truly use not the entire house or apartment with rooms that you don’t use.

Some households provide a fresh service of central air conditioning. But sometimes you are not able to use all of the rooms in your home and if you need to cool all of them it’s wasting money. A great money and energy strategy is to install the window AC units into rooms you use more often. You can cut your bills if you cool only living room or bedroom and when your kids come to a visit you can switch the central appliance on.

This strategy is called supplemental cooling and it’s also used if you need a maintenance of your central AC device or our central unit needs a short break.

Cooling And Heating Functions

You may be thought that air conditioners are designed only to cool the air down. You will be surprised that on the market there are also units with both functions – cooling and heating. This excellent feature helps you to use the appliance all year round. Read unbiased buying guides about the best window air conditioners with heating.

A great strategy on how to cut your every month energy bills. You can struggle with the bad winter weather along with summer waves of heats with one AC unit.

Allergic people appreciate anti-microbial or HEPA filters installed in the devices. They help to reduce the odor, allergens, and dust particles. You can breathe the cooled or heated air and prevent spreading dangerous germs and illnesses.

No Wasting of Floor Space

Great news for all of us who are a bit clumsy. If you don’t like any additional obstacles in your home you’ll be grateful for the fact the machine is in a window. Also, it’s a great thing for allergic people who has to clean the floor very often to remove dust and dirt. Since the appliance is designed for installation in a windowsill you don’t need to deal with sweeping the floor under the device. Parents with small kids who can injure themselves with some new device in a household will be glad as well. And if you live in a small house or an apartment where you always struggle with a lack of space the window air conditioner is a good option.

Take into consideration this significant advantage before you buy a new AC unit. If you are still not sure about choosing the window machine you will probably appreciate this cool feature.


Yes, this advantage belongs to interesting benefits of using a window air conditioner, however, it’s often underestimated by many people. But why? Easy installation and reinstallation allow moving the machine to other rooms if needed.

This device could be stored for cold winter months if it required. The only thing you have to do is to remove it from a windowsill and put it in a safe place. Of course, it can happen that next year you decide to cool down not your living room but your bedroom. The easiest thing is to install it on a bedroom windowsill instead of a place in your living room. The same situation can occur when you need to move from your home to another apartment or house. You have already spend money on the window AC unit and want to take it with. The easy portability allows you to save money and move the unit with you.

However, it sounds ridiculous it’s an amazing feature of the unit. You can move according to your wish without having to pay for a new unit or paying for professional assistance with reinstallation and installation.

Convenient Using on Many Places

Working in many places is one of the interesting benefits of using a window air conditioner. This awesome feature is related to a portability feature. You can use it everywhere.

Lots of people usually install the device into their bedroom. An important aspect of your calm sleeping is sleeping comfortably. To stay cool for a long night is crucial to feeling fresh and happy in a day. Don’t hesitate to put your AC device in a bedroom window and enjoy hours of comfortable sleeping.

University students like this kind of appliance as well. It’s a cheap solution for very hot dorm rooms. It’s a great thing to study when you feel well and your brain isn’t melting. Young people don’t need to deal with maintenance and install service. It’s a perfect balance between price and performance.

People living in apartments or houses sometimes can’t install the central AC unit regarding a specific floor layout. The best option for them is the purchase of a window machine. And if you move to another place you can take the device with you.

This appliance is more than suitable for small businesses and offices. It could be a cheap solution for you and your clients if it’s needed.

Suitable for Every Window

Since the window air conditioner can be installed in every room you can imagine it’s required to be designed for every window. People are very often worried about the installation in their household. They ask similar questions. They want to know if the machine will be suitable for your home and your window even if you need the window air conditioner for a large room.

There is no need to be worried about. The device will fit into your window and there will no need to customize the unit. If you really want to be sure simply double-check the measurements of your chosen appliance and compare them to measurements of your window.

Easy Maintenance

Lots of us are frustrated by the effort we have to spend on maintaining our home appliances. And if we also have to add some amount of money every season it’s pretty annoying.

Therefore, the goal is to find the best kind of air conditioner which doesn’t need to be maintained often and still works perfectly. Fortunately, the window AC unit belongs to this group. You’ll be happy to hear the owner of the unit doesn’t need to spend money on professional maintenance. You can easily do it on your own.

Your role in the maintenance of the window AC unit is to check the filter every two or three weeks. And if we say check we mean to clean it. It takes up to five minutes and it provides long life for your unit.

If a filter of the unit isn’t properly clean every few weeks the cooling coil is getting clogged until the unit stops working. Then, you have to ask professionals for paid help or buy a new unit. This is definitely wasting your money. It’s much better to focus on the filtration and have a well-working appliance for many seasons. With a small effort, you can obtain great comfort in your home.

The Bottom Line

There are many interesting benefits of using a window air conditioner and we believe many of you appreciate them. If you simply can’t install the central unit because of the layout of a house or because you rent an apartment you will love the window units.

Or if you need something to cool down your bedroom with the quietest window air conditioner for bedroom and desire to avoid energy bills to skyrocket this appliance is a great balance between performance and overall cost.

The window AC unit is an ideal machine for those who need something cheap for cooling rooms as well as small offices. You don’t need to pay for maintenance and installation and if you are going to move to a new apartment you can take it with you without having to buy a new unit.

Stop melting during hot summer months and enjoy endless comfort of cooled air!

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