Best Window Air Conditioners For Large Rooms: Reviews

Best Window Air Conditioners For Large Rooms: Reviews

The use of window air conditioners for large rooms is unfairly overlooked very often. The modern units are powerful enough to help you even with decently large spaces. And they can be used everywhere because they’re installed on a windowsill and don’t take up floor space. It’s possible to operate them at home when you join more than one room and create a big open space.

And of course, they can be used as commercial machines for example in waiting rooms, showrooms, offices, and many others.

This article should give you a better overview of what you can expect when you’re shopping for a new window air conditioner for a large space. Along with a detailed review, you will receive extraordinarily useful tips on what you should focus on when choosing the new machine.

Large rooms are different compared to small ones and you have to pay attention to some specific parameters when searching for the best one. Which ones are they? Keep reading and check out them all!

Best Window Air Conditioners For Large Rooms: Reviews

Best Window Air Conditioners for Large Rooms in Review

Believe or not, finding a good and efficient window air conditioner for a large room isn’t easy. However, the market is decently saturated by window AC machines the manufacturer focus more on small devices.

Why? The truth is the window versions of cooling devices are still considered to be cheap and mainly used in small rooms because of their position on a window. When they’re installed on the sill they don’t require any additional floor space.

To be honest it’s a bit old fashioned view. We live in the twenty-first century and the producers did great progress in the design, capacity, functions, and efficiency. From my point of view, we shouldn’t overlook the use of window air conditioners for large rooms because they could be competitors of portable or other similar AC units.

And as proof of my statement above, I prepared an honest review of very good window air conditioners that have what to offer.

LG LW1216HR 12,000 BTU with Heating Function

This device from brand LG offers a brilliant price-performance ratio. For an average price, you get more than a decent unit cooling up to 550 sq. ft. at home. Furthermore, you will enjoy the main heat source when the outdoor temperature is above 45°F and the supplemental heating designed for 450 sq. ft.

This window air conditioner for a large room is a perfect little helper for homeowners who are looking for a unit used all year round. I significantly appreciate how strong the machine is as a supplemental heater.

The appliances with the same cooling capacity usually bring lower heating capacity and aren’t strong enough to heat the large room up. Fortunately, it’s not a case of this model from LG. According to my experience, machines with heating functions are usually installed in living rooms or bedrooms. Therefore, I should rate the noise level as well. I must admit it’s an average level. You can imagine the level of 54dB as a light rain outside.

  • Cooling capacity 12,000 BTU for up to 550 sq. ft.
  • Supplemental heating capacity 11,200 BTU for up to 450 sq. ft.
  • Full-function remote control.
  • Clean filter alert.
  • Noise level 54dB (on low).
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio 11.3 – very efficient.
  • A special 230V outlet is required. This unit doesn’t work with a standard 115V outlet.
  • Only 2 fan speeds.
  • It isn’t so heavy but it’s also not a light unit.

LG LW1517IVSM 14,000 BTU with Wifi

For me, this is like a gem. It’s a truly smart window air conditioner. It’s designed to cool large rooms up to 800 sq. ft. I love how LG is open to new technologies and this unit is a great proof of it. It has a wifi connection and it’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. It’s possible to operate your window air conditioner via the app from LG or by your voice.

Are you impressed? Well, this model has still lots to offer. Personally, I prefer all models with a sleep mode but this is much better regarding the noise level – only 44dB (quieter than whispering). But it’s very quiet even if you operate it at high speed.

It’s more than 25 percent energy efficient than the minimum Energy Star certified machines. Isn’t it cool? If you’re looking for a smart window air conditioner you won’t regret it.

  • Energy Star Certified.
  • Wifi connection.
  • Compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • Sleep mode with a noise level of only 44dB.
  • Heavy unit. You’ll need two friends to help you with the installation.

Emerson Quiet Kool Smart Energy Star 15,000 BTU

In general, all window air conditioners for large rooms aren’t cheap to operate during summer and sometimes in cold months as well. Therefore, it’s much better to focus on a high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and directly search for machines that are Energy Star Certified. These appliances can guarantee to save you from 20 up to 50 percent of your monthly costs. Isn’t it brilliant?

This model is designed to cool a space of up to 700 sq. ft. And if you’re looking for a very reliable machine saving as much as it can this unit is a perfect choice. Together with Energy Star Certification it also offers 11.9 EER and low power mode to keep your costs under control.

The noise during operation is average (similar to the quiet talking of two people). Personally I love the availability of wifi and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant. However, this Emerson AC unit doesn’t provide a supplemental heating function I think it’s more than worthy.

  • Wifi connection.
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Energy Star Certified plus low power mode.
  • Average noise level 56dB.
  • Very efficient dehumidification level up to 4.23 pints per hour even for very damp places.
  • Remote control.
  • The washable filter.
  • A standard 115V outlet required.
  • The unit is pretty heavy and you’ll need help from a friend for the installation process.
  • No supplemental heating function.

Frigidaire FFRH1822R2 18,500 BTU with Heating Function

I love a window air conditioner with a heating combo. This model from Frigidaire is the best proof. The unit is suitable to cool large rooms up to 1,050 sq. ft.

But the heating capacity is very pleasant as well – you can count on 16,000 BTU. It’s possible to use this device as the main heat source.

But keep in mind it’s possible when the outdoor temperature is above 45°F. If the temperature is under this value it’s better to rely on a supplemental source of heat. The noise level is average but I like it’s not higher than 54dB on low.

However, there is no Energy Star Certification you can switch the energy saver mode. It conserves money and energy.

  • Supplemental heating capacity 16,000 BTU.
  • Efficient dehumidification.
  • Remote control.
  • The noise level is 54dB (on low).
  • Energy saver mode.
  • A special 230V outlet is required (the unit won’t work with a standard 115V outlet).
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio is 10.7 EER. It could be better.

Friedrich Chill Series CP18G30B Energy Star 19,000 BTU

This AC model produced by Friedrich is suitable for a window or thru-the-wall installation and up to 1,000 sq. ft. I like these kinds of units because they do a great job even if you need to move to a new home and your conditions could change.

Since it can be more expensive to operate a window air conditioner for a large room I appreciate the energy saver mode and the Energy Star Certification. It helps you to save up to 50 percent of monthly costs. Isn’t it convenient for you?

This type doesn’t bring any kind of supplemental heating. But I can’t omit its quiet operation however it’s a strong beast! And the last thing I have to point out is its dehumidification level. You can rely on the window AC machine even if you struggle with very damp rooms.

  • Window or thru-the-wall installation.
  • Energy Star Certified.
  • Energy saver mode.
  • Remote control.
  • Ultra-quiet operation.
  • Check filter alert.
  • Heavy unit for installation. You’ll definitely need help from someone.
  • A special 230V outlet is required.
  • No supplemental heating function.

LG LW2217IVSM 22,000 BTU with Wifi

This unit is a beast with a heart. The brand LG did a great job with a Dual Inverter Compressor than saves energy and reduces noise. In general, it saves up to 40 percent more energy than the Energy Certification requirement.

And the noise level is only 44dB while operating at sleep mode. I really like the combination of noise and energy efficiency together with wifi connection and compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa. It’s possible to operate it via the app and by using a voice. This makes from the model from LG a smart window air conditioner.

The bonus is effective dehumidification. And to be honest, it’s more than important for all window air conditioners for large rooms.

  • Wifi connection.
  • Compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • The noise level 44dB (on sleep).
  • Energy Star Certified.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Remote control with LCD.
  • Very heavy unit.
  • A special 230V outlet is required (this model can’t work with a standard 115V outlet).

Friedrich Chill Series EP24G33B 23,000 BTU with Heating Function

This model from Friedrich is suitable for very large rooms. According to my experience, many people use it to cool more than one room. This window air conditioner with heat combo offers an energy saver mode to keep your bills under control.

I really appreciate this mode and Energy Star Certification because these strong beasts consume lots of electric energy. Since the appliance is designed to cool spaces up to 1,400 sq. ft. you can cool more than one room and adjoin two or three rooms into one large one.

Therefore, I have to point out how amazing the supplemental heating function is. Because it means it’s possible to use the unit all year round without having to reinstall it after the summer season. What I really like is the quiet operation. You can easily install it for example into a waiting room and people still can talk without any interruption.

  • Supplemental heating capacity 12,000 BTU.
  • Energy Star Certified.
  • Energy saver mode.
  • Remote control.
  • Power cord flexibility.
  • Quiet operation.
  • A special 230V outlet is required.
  • Improvement in a user manual needed.

Friedrich SL36N30B 36,000 BTU

Did I say about the rest of the window air conditioners for large rooms they are beast? I lied! Now, you’re reading about the beast. This model from Friedrich is able to cool a large space up to 2,500 sq. ft.

I like that unit could become a smart window air conditioner but you’d need to buy FriedrichLink Wi-Fi Adapter. I would prefer to have it as a part of a box. But there is one thing that is completely different compared to other units.

This model offers colored front cover kits in 6 colors. If you’re planning to install this AC unit in a big office or something like that you appreciate this colored feature.

I have to highlight the programmable timer. It’s possible to program the settings up to 7-days and change all of the settings four times per day. I think it’s great to use it in commercial spaces.

  • Possible to install in a window and thru-the-wall.
  • Programmable timer for up to 7-days with a possibility to change the settings four times per day.
  • Remote control.
  • Energy Star Certified.
  • Colored front cover kits in 6 colors.
  • A special 230V outlet is required (this model couldn’t work with a standard 115V outlet).
  • FriedrichLink Wi-Fi Adapter Accessory is sold separately.
  • Very very heavy unit.

How to Choose Window AC Unit for Large Space

Before you start shopping for a window air conditioner for a large room you should know aspects very important for your choice. And always it’s better to know how the window air conditioner works.

If you’re finding the appropriate AC unit for your room you should measure the room firstly. It helps you to orient in numbers of British Thermal Units. But don’t stick only to measurement and BTU. I also added some tips you definitely use at shopping.

Don’t omit the fundamental factor like noise level, supplemental heating, energy efficiency, and available functions. However, many people overlook them, these aspects improve not only your comfort but it significantly helps with the consumption of energy and saving money. Keep reading this guide on how to choose a window air conditioner for a large room.

Room Size and Cooling Capacity in BTU

If you need to choose a window air conditioner you should know the appropriate cooling capacity given in British Thermal Unit (BTU) for your home. If I say it very easily the BTU means how much energy the AC unit needs to cool the room.

The BTU is dependent on the size of your room. It means, at first you have to measure the room. Measure the width and length of the room and then multiply those numbers. The final value in square footage is what you are looking for. In the table below you can find the BTU according to your room size.

BTURoom SizeBTURoom Size
12,000 BTU550 sq. ft.23,000 BTU1,400 sq. ft.
14,000 BTU700 sq. ft.25,000 BTU1,600 sq. ft.
18,000 BTU1,000 sq. ft.28,000 BTU1,900 sq. ft.
21,000 BTU1,200 sq. ft.36,000 BTU2,700 sq. ft.

Keep in mind you should also involve some important tips into the final number of BTU for your large room:

  • Since we are talking about the window air conditioner for large rooms you maybe want to join two small rooms into one big one. If there is no door you have to add sizes of both rooms together.
  • If you’re planning to install the unit into a room with big windows that are exposed to the sun increase the BTU by 10 percent.
  • If your room is very well-shaded you can reduce the BTU by 10 percent.
  • And if you desire to install the unit in a kitchen you have to increase the BTU by 4,000. The reason is accumulating heat in that space.
  • For every additional person who lives in the room, you should add 600 BTU for each one.

Noise Level

This aspect is very often overlooked by many buyers. And it’s wrong! The noise level is one of the most important things you should focus on when searching for new window air conditioners for large rooms – read more in the quietest window air conditioner for bedroom review.

But what is the noise level? Actually, it’s a noise produced by the window air conditioner while the unit is operating. The manufacturer usually defines the noise level at low, medium, and high operation speed. But you can also find a value of the noise level for the sleep mode. It depends on the brands and technical specifications of the model.

The noise level is usually defined in decibels also written as dB that are units used in acoustics for sound level. The standard AC units operate at 50 – 60 dB. However, on the market, there are also models offering the noise level only 40 – 50 dB.

If you want to buy an air conditioner you should know what the values of 40, 50, and 60 dB sound like. In general, the value of 40 dB is like a normal background sound of your quiet apartment. The sound od 50 dB refers to whispering or a very quiet talk between two people. And finally, the value of 60 dB is like a bit louder conversation between two persons.

If you desire to find a quiet unit regarding your needs you should focus on these values. Keep in mind, the noise level at high speed is higher but nobody operates the window AC unit at high speed all the time. We use it for quick cooling of the room or our body while standing in front of it. Then, it’s possible to switch on medium or low speed.

Supplemental Heating

Not all of the window air conditioners for large rooms available on the market these days offer the function of supplemental heating. You can pick yours in the best window air conditioners with heating.

Some people are worried about using their AC unit during cold months since the unit is designed to be installed in hot months and stored in winter. But there is no need to be worried about. When the model has a supplemental heating function the chassis is designed to be more durable against bad and cold weather. It means, the AC machine can’t be damaged in winter.

The supplemental heating can be usually used as the main source of heating but there are always some restrictions. For example, it’s possible to use the unit as the main source of heating but the outdoor temperature has to be above 45°F. When the temperature drops below the threshold you can operate it only as supplemental heating.

The heating capacity is defined in British Thermal Units (BTU) just like the cooling capacity. But the heating capacity is always lower than the cooling power.

For instance, when you have a unit having 12,000 BTU of the cooling capacity (which is suitable up for 550 sq. ft.) the heating power could be 10,000 BTU (it corresponds with 450 sq. ft.) and therefore, it’s only supplemental heating. You wouldn’t be able to heat up a room of 550 sq. ft. with a weak unit.

Energy Efficiency

Since the electric energy is more and more expensive, we all try to save our money and look for a very efficient air conditioner model that improves our comfort but doesn’t allow the bills to skyrocket.

When you’re shopping for a new AC unit you should look at Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). This number is on every unit label and it tells you how much the unit is efficient. How? Each point increase on the EER scales means a 10 percent increase in energy efficiency. The EER above a value 12 means a truly efficient machine because 12 EER means a 20 percent more efficient unit compared to a unit with 10 EER.

The values above are strongly related to the starting price of the AC appliance. A cooling machine with a higher EER may be more expensive. You can say now it’s OK because you will save money on the energy bills. Unfortunately, it’s not true always.

Why? Imagine the situation you want to buy a unit and can’t decide between two machines. The first one has a higher EER but it cost $100 more than a unit with a lower EER. You can’t be sure that it’s worthy to spend $100 more at the beginning until you count the monthly costs for both of them. The difference in the monthly costs can be very small and then you would waste money on the initial price.

Especially window air conditioners for large rooms consume lots of energy. And you should definitely know the monthly costs otherwise you could be unpleasantly surprised by the bills. Just read my list of the most energy-efficient window air conditioners.

One last and from my point of view these days the most important thing, the units with high EER are built with eco-friendly components including ozone-friendly refrigerant. Keep this in mind while shopping.

Available Functions

There are lots of functions available. Of course, the functions are related to an initial price. If you prefer a very simple unit without anything special and only with a manual rotary dial you can significantly save money.

But the functions are designed to help us and improve our comfort. The sleep mode increases the ambient temperature constantly during a night up to 6 degrees. Our body doesn’t need any to be cooled as much as it’s required during a day. Then, you’ll be wakened up by a little bit unpleasant temperate but the system simulates normal conditions in life. Furthermore, sleep mode conserves less energy and produces lower noise levels.

Saver mode is a brilliant function that conserves energy and money. It reduces the energy-saving up to 20 percent.

Programmable timer allows you to set switching on or off in the one-hour interval up to 24 hours. It’s perfect if you know when you come home and desire to have comfort at home before you arrive.

I personally love the wifi connection and connection with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can comfortably change the settings by using your smartphone or voice. The smart AC units are summarised in my best smart window air conditioners in review and buying guide.

The Bottom Line of Choosing Best AC Unit For Large Rooms

It’s not easy to shop window air conditioners for large rooms since the market is extremely saturated by many brands and models. Homeowners are in a very complicated situation because the machines have lots of technical parameters and we all have different requirements and needs.

In this article, all important factors (you should focus on) are summarized. Everything is crystal clearly described and explained. Therefore, you were able to get a great overview of how to choose the unit designed especially for a large room and how to save energy, money, and stay eco-friendly.

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