Best Window Air Conditioners Honest Reviews

Best Window Air Conditioners in 2021: Honest Reviews

Are you fed up with melting and sweating when the summer knocks on your door? If so, you are in the best place where you can find a quick and easy solution to your problem. Check out the best window air conditioners in the honest review.

The window air conditioners belong to a cheap and average price category however they provide excellent performance and offer many functions. You can find out lots of genius models that meet all your requirements and demands and the price still doesn’t make you have a heart attack.

I like to test the models and comparing their functions and features. Sometimes I compromise the requirements when I look at the model as one unit. For example when you have a brilliant model for a genius price but it also has manually dials and doesn’t offer a sleeping mode. My review is based on my tests and experience.

I hope my top rated and best window air conditioners in the honest review will give you a better overview of the advantages and drawbacks and you will find what you are looking for. The units are sorted from the lowest cooling capacity (in BTU) up to the highest one. But according to BTU and what the BTU is?

Cooling Capacity and BTU

If I say it very very easily the British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a unit that defines energy we need to cool the room. If you want to choose a window air conditioner for your home you should know the BTU appropriate for the room you’d like to use it for.

You have to start with measuring the room (in square footage). Measure the width and the length of the room and then multiply those two numbers. Now, you have the number. According to the number find the BTU in the table below.

BTURoom SizeBTURoom Size
5,000 BTU150 sq. ft.14,000 BTU700 sq. ft.
6,000 BTU250 sq. ft.18,000 BTU1,000 sq. ft.
7,000 BTU300 sq. ft.21,000 BTU1,200 sq. ft.
8,000 BTU350 sq. ft.23,000 BTU1,400 sq. ft.
9,000 BTU400 sq. ft.25,000 BTU1,600 sq. ft.
10,000 BTU450 sq. ft.28,000 BTU1,900 sq. ft.

But the BTU number isn’t still enough. Why? The cooling capacity is strongly affected by other aspects. For example, if a window in the room where you are planning to install the unit on a windowsill is well shaded by a tree outside or something similar or not. Here are some tips you need to apply when defining the final BTU:

  • Do you want to install the AC unit in a room where more people live? If you have a device in a room where two people spend their time you should add 600 BTU for every additional person.
  • Every homeowner who desires to have the appliance in a kitchen should increase the capacity by 4,000 BTU regarding the heat accumulating there while using a stove.
  • If you have a very well shaded room (e.g. thanks to wooden louvers, trees, etc.), it’s possible to reduce the cooling capacity by 10%.
  • If your room is exposed to the sun for many hours during a day increase the BTU by 10%.
  • Do you plan to put the unit in a room adjoined to another room and these two spaces aren’t separated by a door? Add their square footage together.

It isn’t so complicated to find out the proper BTU number and choose your dreamy window air conditioner according to it. I prepared an honest review of the top-rated & best window air conditioners. Maybe it helps you. Keep reading and find the best appliance for your home.

Window AC Units Under 10,000 BTU

Window AC units offering cooling capacity under 10,000 BTU are supposed to be designed for spaces up to 450 sq. ft. Comparing their parameters means for me to judge especially how much they are noisy. Every unit that is over the value of 60 dB (on low) isn’t suitable for your normal life from my point of view. The truth is the noise of 60 dB is like a louder conversation between two people. This maybe doesn’t seem like a big drama but the sound of an operating appliance is spread over the room.

Once, you have to live with the machine on a smaller space (it means under 450 sq. ft.) your life is overloaded more than the life of your friend whose AC unit makes the same noise but on a space of 900 sq. ft.

These window air conditioners are dedicated to smaller rooms such as bedrooms or living rooms. In these places, you usually chill out, sleep, watch a movie, or talk with family members.

Therefore, a smooth and quiet operation is crucial. And it’s also about the supplemental heating. Very useful function during cold months when we really want to relax and feel comfortable – check customer buying guide on the best window air conditioners with heating.

Another aspect that affected my choice of window AC units for this list, is obviously a price. The starting price is very important because the monthly costs are almost neglected compared to a price tag.

However, I said the monthly costs aren’t so high but they’re still necessary to be involved in. And therefore, I also involved this fact and Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is on the top of my consideration.

Other parameters are also important but I don’t want to be so strict here. Regarding the primary use in rooms like bedrooms, kitchens, or living rooms I think the aspects above are crucial and that’s why I rate them very positively.


This unit was designed for small rooms. The cooling capacity corresponds with 150 sq. ft. This small unit is perfect dorms, smaller bedrooms, or offices. It belongs to a cheap price category and therefore it’s a little gem for all students.

All units that have the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) above 12 are considered to truly save energy bills. This unit shows 11.1 EER. However, you can say it’s not 12 I’d like to point out how amazing the value is for such a small and cheap model. Therefore, I think only a fool would overlook this machine.

If you’d love to watch a movie before going to a bed and staying still cool there is no doubt this unit is for you. The noise level for this unit is only 51.3 dB on low (the noise is like a moderate rain or TV in a background).

The dehumidification is up to 1.1 pints per hour is pretty enough you’re located in a climate with humidity max 70%.

However, this model is cheap and offers only manually buttons to control the unit I think it’s a brilliant machine with fabulous price-performance ratio. If you are on a budget but need cooled room for studying, working, etc. you will love it.

  • Ideal unit for small spaces up to 150 sq. ft. with cooling capacity 5,000 BTU.
  • The washable filter with antibacterial mesh reducing the growth of bacterias and mold.
  • The noise level is 51.3 dB on low.
  • Dehumidification up to 1.1 pints per hour is enough.
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is 11.1.
  • No remote control.
  • It offers only 2 fan speeds.
  • 2-way air direction control.
  • Only rotary dial buttons.
  • No sleeping mode.

LG LW6017R 6,000 BTU

There many people who think the LG as a brand belongs to a worse category. Don’t trust them. The reason why they hate LG is they can’t stand the chassis or the design itself. The truth is the chassis is not as strong and without the outside support bracket (maybe it won’t be your case). But if you are able to fix this issue and buy a bracket or create some cheap wooden version all your troubles are solved and will enjoy an amazing unit with tons of brilliant functions.

Another aspect that I appreciate on LG and especially this model is the weight of the AC unit. This model has less than 40 pounds and according to my experience even alone females are able to put it on a sill and take it off (including the whole installation process). I think it’s great for all moms who take care of the house and are used to doing everything themselves. You have my upvote LG!

The level of noise is 52 dB (on low). It’s an average category but still enough. It’s the same as sitting in the car and listen to the sound of an engine. If this unit isn’t primarily dedicated to the living room where you watch TV or movies I think it’s OK.

The Energy Efficiency Ratio is pretty high however it’s not above 12 which means it would be really energy efficient. It has only 11.5 EER. Also, the dehumidification properties are very good and you don’t need to be scared of having any issue even in very wet rooms.

I rate this unit very positively. The performance-price ratio is fabulous even if I add a price for a bracket. And don’t forget to rely on the energy saver function and long cord.

  • A cooling area up to 260 sq. ft. regarding 6000 BTU.
  • Programmable timer.
  • Dehumidification is up to 1.8 pints per hour.
  • A level of noise is 52 dB (on low).
  • Remote control.
  • Energy saver function conserves energy.
  • 2-way air direction control.
  • No wifi connection.
  • Missing built-in ionizer.
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is 11.5.

Friedrich Chill EP08G11B with Electric Heat 7,000 BTU

Good news for those who are searching for a unit that is possible to install through a window as well as through a wall. This unit is suitable for both ways of installation.

I significantly appreciate all units that offer some kind of money saver function. Along with our money, it saves the environment and it’s more ecological. This model window AC unit has a saver function working on an operating the fan only when it’s cooling.

If I consider the units having Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) above 12 as very efficient I rate this model as less efficient because of its 11.2 EER. To be honest, it’s not a big drama. We are very close to the value 12 so thumb up.

This machine is designed to cool a room up to 350 sq. ft. The amazing feature is its supplemental heating capacity 3,850 BTU. These units are very suitable for bedrooms or a study where you spend lots of time and need the heating ability to feel comfortable all year round.

Thankfully the model isn’t heavy and therefore, I can say it’s possible to install it on a window sill or through a wall for alone females and moms. You don’t need to ask a friend to either hire an expert and for it.

If you have trouble with humidity level like me you’ll appreciate the dehumidification level up to 2.1 pints per hour. Its performance is able to struggle even with very humidity places.

However, I can see a drawback in a filter plastic frame that can be easily broken when you’re not careful, I think it’s a very very efficient unit and deserves your full attention.

  • A cooling area is up to 350 sq. ft. regarding its cooling capacity 7,000 BTU.
  • Supplemental heating 3,850 BTU.
  • Money saver function.
  • Programmable timer.
  • Remote control.
  • Dehumidification is up to 2.1 pints per hour.
  • Auto-restart feature.
  • Longer power cord than usual.
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is 11.2.
  • Week filter plastic frame.

Frigidaire FFRH0822R1 8,000 BTU

This unit is designed to cool room up to 350 sq. ft. and it’s suitable for bedrooms because of a noise level 51 dB (on low). The value of 50 dB is like a quiet talk between two persons. I really like a machine with such a low level of noise. If you like watching a movie in a bed you’ll love it as well.

Along with the low level of noise, I appreciate the supplemental heating function of 3,500 BTU.

From my point of view, the dehumidification is nice. But I have to point out you will have no problem when your home is moderately damp or very damp. It means if the humidity level is a maximum of 80-85%. If you live in a very humid place you will probably have to buy a dehumidifier.

I think this window air conditioner offers a great price-performance ratio. You can obtain cooling and heating options with Energy Star Certification. And there is no need to be worried about the noise.

  • Suitable for rooms up to 350 sq. ft. regarding the cooling capacity of 8000 BTU.
  • Supplemental heating function.
  • Energy Star Certified.
  • Dehumidification up to 1.5 pints per hour.
  • Full-function (with heat) remote control.
  • Sleep mode and programmable timer.
  • A noise level is 51 dB (on low).
  • 8-way air direction control.
  • The washable filter with antibacterial protection and check filter alert.
  • Evergy saver mode.
  • No built-in ionizer.
  • You will probably have to buy a bracket for installation.

LG LW1019IVSM 9,500 BTU with Wifi

Recently people have searched for air conditioners offering high energy efficiency and saving money monthly operating. The most efficient models are rated by Energy Star. This unit shows off the Energy Star rating with 13.8 EER. There is no doubt about the energy-saving properties of this model.

From my point of view, the dual inverter compressor is a smart solution for how to eliminates the noise of the running unit. Thanks to this, this model offers only 44 dB at a low speed (for your better overview the value of 40 dB is a quiet talk between two people). Many homeowners consider this model to be as quiet as the central systems are.

The cooling capacity of 9,500 BTU is suitable for spaces up to 450 sq. ft. It’s enough for average or smaller sized rooms. It’s nothing for larger homes but still sufficient for some types of households.

What I personally love is LG’s SmartThinQ technology. It allows you to connect your smartphone with this unit for easier and smoother control. And if you are lazy like me or simply like new technologies you’ll appreciate compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant. This is how top-rated window air conditioners look like.

I’m personally impressed by this model from LG. It offers lots of features and functions. I significantly appreciate the wifi control and as much quiet the air conditioner is.

  • Energy Star efficiency definitely saves money because the unit has 13.8 EER.
  • The noise of the operating unit is only 44 dB on low.
  • Regarding its 9,500 BTU, the model is designed for rooms up to 450 sq. ft.
  • Remote control as a must-have.
  • Wifi control and SmartThinQ technology for connecting with your smartphone.
  • Compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant for easy control by using a voice.
  • 3 fan speeds.
  • 4-way air direction control.
  • The app sometimes struggles with some problems.

Window AC Unit between 10,000 and 20,000 BTU

In general, the top-rated window air conditioners designed with a capacity between 10,000 and 20,000 BTU can cool space between 450 sq. ft. and 1100 sq. ft. To be honest it’s a pretty large area that needs to be cooled.

However, every window air conditioner is designed to be used only in one room I know only a few people who use it really for one room. The rest of them use their AC machine for more than one room. And it’s a reason why you need a powerful machine with strong blowers.

Together with blowers and engine I personally focus also on how many ways the air is blown. There are two reasons for it. The first one is that the powerful machines are usually installed in the living rooms. You need to change the way of blowing air because of the comfort of your guests. The second reason is you desire to cool more than one room and more ways of blowing air allow you to obtain better reasons.

I also like to take into consideration a dehumidification level. As I said the window air conditioner is usually used for more than two rooms and homeowners often struggle with a high level of humidity that affects your comfort as well as the operation of the AC unit.

Unfortunately, the owners lose the fight very often and they have to buy a dehumidifier (it means extra costs). To purchase an air conditioner sufficient to do its job it’s more than economical. Especially when one of the cooling rooms is a kitchen where the humidity is accumulated a lot.

The energy efficiency is more than economical especially if you operate a bigger window AC unit. I rate very positively when the machine offers Energy Star Certification. But if I can see a very high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) the window air conditioner still has my upvote.

LG LW1016ER 10,000 BTU

This model from LG is very energy efficient regarding its Energy Star Certification. In general, the units with this certification are able to consume 8% less electric energy compared to standard models. It’s cool twice. You stay cool and your bank account is cool as well because the bill won’t skyrocket.

According to my experience, you will probably need brackets for the installation. I must admit that the original ones from LG aren’t expensive. But if it’s not affordable you can use some DIY solution. It isn’t so nice as the professional metal brackets but it’s still perfect and useful.

What I can see as a possible drawback that is the blowers. Maybe you will find out they aren’t so powerful as other units however they work on high. It’s completely sufficient for a bedroom or any other room. But if you need to cool two rooms you’ll reveal it’s not so smooth as you expected.

However, I pointed out some possible drawbacks above I must admit this model is more than a gem. The dehumidification is up to 2.7 pints per hour. This value provides a perfect service even if you’re located in very damp or wet places. This device is able to help you with a humidity level of up to 85%. Therefore, I really recommend the machine. It’s suitable to install the window air conditioner in a kitchen.

  • A cooling area is up to 450 sq. ft. regarding the cooling capacity of 10,000 BTU.
  • Energy Star Certified.
  • A noise level 53 dB (on low).
  • Dehumidification up to 2.7 pints per hour.
  • The washable filter with filter alarm function.
  • Remote control.
  • Auto-restart and a programmable timer are a must-have.
  • 4-way air direction control.
  • You will probably need brackets for installation.
  • Less powerful blowers when using for cooling two rooms.

FRIGIDAIRE FFRH11L2R1 11,000 BTU with Heating Function

This series from Frigidaire is very well designed and manufactured from my point of view. This model is suitable for spaces up to 500 sq. ft. and it also offers a supplemental heating option.

I really like the noise level that is 53 dB. But I have to stop here and point out it’s a value on low. And there is a big difference between low and high. The machine working on high is a bit noisy since it has 60 dB. As you know I rate units having under 60 dB or less (on low) positively. But I really dislike the differences between modes. For your better overview, the value of 60 dB is a loud conversation between two people.

People are very often worried about dehumidification especially if they want to install the appliance into a kitchen where the natural humidity level is higher than in other rooms of your home. Thankfully, this model from Frigidaire is strong enough to help you with additional humidity even if it’s very high.

A drawback can be the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) that is only 9.8. To get an efficient unit we need to buy a unit with 12 EER and above. Here, we are pretty far away.

However, there are some disadvantages I consider this machine as a well-working AC unit for the kitchen or living room.

  • A cooling area is up to 500 sq. ft. regarding a cooling capacity 11,000 BTU.
  • Supplemental heating option.
  • A noise level is 53 dB (on low).
  • Dehumidification up to 3.4 pints per hour.
  • An antibacterial washable filter.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Energy saver mode to save you money and be environmentally friendly.
  • Full-function (with heat) remote control.
  • A noise level is 60 dB (on high).
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is 9.8.

Frigidaire FFRA1222U1 12,000 BTU

What I really like about AC units designed for larger and larger rooms is their ability to deal with humidity. Recently lots of people told me they bought very expensive air conditioners but their units aren’t efficient in removing humidity. The reason is they overlook the important aspect dehumidification of the appliance. If you don’t involve this aspect into your parameters for a unit choice you will be forced to buy a dehumidifier sooner or later.

I’m very happy this model has dehumidification up to 3.8 pints per hour. It’s brilliant although you live in a very humid area or your home deals with some long term issues.

What I see as a possible drawback is an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) that is 10.9. Since the units above 12 EER are considered to be efficient I think this unit still has space for improvement. However, the value 10.9 is pretty good and it’s much better than the rest of the units with the same cooling capacity on the market.

It’s better to highlight the fact that the unit has (on low) a noise level 53.5 dB (it’s like a noise of moderate rain). According to my experience, it’s average and we can handle it during the night. But if you’re a too sensitive and light sleeper you should take a look at a quieter model.

Honestly, I’m missing wifi connection and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistants. From my point of view, it’s a big advantage these days and producers should reflect that.

  • A cool area is up to 550 sq. ft. regarding the capacity of 12,000 BTU.
  • Dehumidification up to 3.8 pints per hour.
  • The washable filter with antibacterial mesh.
  • Remote control.
  • The noise level on low 53.5 dB
  • Programmable timer and sleeping mode.
  • 6-way air direction control.
  • Auto-restart.
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is 10.9.
  • Missing built-in ionizer.
  • No wifi and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant.

LG LW1516ER 15,000 BTU

This model from LG is designed for larger spaces. I like these kinds of appliances. This is heavy and if you decide on a purchase you have to ask a friend for help or rely on a professional installation. It’s a possible drawback for those who like to do it yourself without asking for help.

The unit has a level of noise of 57 dB (on low). We are still under 60 dB which I personally consider as a threshold for buy and not buy. The dehumidification is more than great with 3.3 pints per hour. You won’t have to face any trouble even in rooms with humidity levels over 80%.

Personally, I like how fast and powerful this unit is. When you set cooling the room you will obtain the results so fast.

Features like auto-restart, washable filter or remote control I consider as a standard for a unit cooling capacity 15,000 BTU. But I want to point out in the Energy Star Certification. We can say explicitly it’s very efficient. Here, I’m not scared to say it’s excellent. For such a price you can get the Energy Star label? It’s brilliant!

  • A cooling area is up to 800 sq. ft. regarding the 15,000 BTU.
  • Dehumidification is up to 3.3 pints per hour.
  • Energy Star Certified.
  • Auto-restart.
  • Remote control.
  • Washable filter.
  • A level of noise is 57 dB (on low).
  • Programmable timer.
  • Saving Mode for keeping the temperature.
  • It’s a heavy unit. It has 112 pounds and you will need a friend to help you with the installation.
  • 4-way air direction.
  • Missing wifi connection and Alexa plus Google Assistant.

Frigidaire FFRH1822R2 18,500 BTU

If you are looking for a very powerful window AC unit that provides also the supplemental heating function this could be a great choice for you. You will love the remote control including the heating function and amazing feature of eight-way air direction control with three speeds. And if you’d need to install it through the wall, no worries it’s possible.

For those who permanently forget to clean the washable filter, there is a smart check filter alert. You won’t struggle with a clogged filter again because the device asks you to do it in advance.

If you hate like me the situation when the unit is restarted and it doesn’t remember the previous setting anymore you will be nicely surprised. This little gem automatically resumes the former operating settings.

The power cord has 6 ft. which is 1 ft. longer than it’s average. It’s nothing special from my point of view. And this is not enough from the energy disappointing section. The unit shows off the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 10.7 which is not completely bad. But in general, the machine is considered to be energy efficient when having EER above 12.

In general, I think this is a pretty good unit that offers an amazing price-performance ratio for middle-sized rooms. There are lots of useful functions including a pleasant heating function. According to my experience, it’s strong enough to heat more than one room during cold months.

  • Available for window or wall installation.
  • 16,000 BTU supplemental heating capability if you have another heat source and the temperature outside is above 45°F.
  • Excellent for space up to 1,050 sq. ft.
  • Washable mesh filter for reducing growing bacterias, molds, and mildew.
  • Full function remote control (including the heating function with 3 heat speeds).
  • 8-way air direction control and multiple speeds.
  • Energy saver mode conserves energy.
  • Dehumidification up to 5.5 pints per hour is enough even if your home is located in a humid climate.
  • There is no wifi control.
  • Missing built-in ionizer.
  • The appliance requires a special 230V electrical outlet and won’t work with a standard 115V household electrical outlet.
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is 10.7.

Window AC Unit Over 20,000 BTU

Window air conditioners offering cooling capacity over 20,000 BTU are strong beasts suitable for spaces more than 1100 sq. ft. You can check my best window air conditioners for large rooms buying guide where you can find units up to 36,000 BTU!

Therefore, our goal is to find a unit that is strong enough to cool the room and doesn’t ruin our bank account at the moment when we have to pay the energy bills. The best option is obviously to reveal Energy Star Certification on the label or a very high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), the recommendation is a value above 12.

Another parameter I personally significantly appreciate is the dehumidification level for AC units over 20,000 BTU. The reason is the unit has to be operated in a very large area. Large spaces struggle with humidity very often. Unfortunately, the humidity negatively affects your comfort along with the working process of your air conditioner.

When you overlook the dehumidification level of AC unit there is a chance you will have to spend money on a purchase of device solving your issue with humidity at home – a dehumidifier. It’s not a cheap appliance and that’s why we want to stay away from this situation.

In general, the dehumidification is rated in pints of moisture removed per hour. For identification of how much pints you need for your home, you have to know the floor area (in the square footage) of a room where you desire to operate the unit. It’s the same floor area as you used for the identification of cooling capacity in BTU.

As a must-have, I rate a remote control. Large rooms really need a remote control. You don’t need to stand up and go to the AC unit every time you desire to change settings.

Whirlpool Energy Star WHAW222BW 22,000 BTU

This unbelievable beast is made in America! I like how quiet and efficient this window AC unit is. This device shows off the Energy Star Certification and Eco-mode conserves energy to protect you against high bills. It’s crucial from my point of view. Nevertheless, you have to count on a special 230V electrical outlet that is required (simply no for a standard 115V outlet).

I significantly positively rate the dehumidification level up to 5.81 pints per hour. It’s a lot and I can say this is enough to get rid of the additional humidity and musty odor from your home. And of course, you will not need to buy a dehumidifier even if you live in a humid location.

What I have to point out is my favorite aspect – the noise. The level of noise is amazing and I believe you will be surprised like me. It’s a quiet window air conditioner and it’s possible to install it in a living room where you have a talk with family members or guests or where you usually watch movies. Therefore, I can say this appliance has an honest upvote.

  • Suitable for spaces up to 1,400 sq. ft.
  • Dehumidification up to 5.81 pints per hour.
  • Energy Star Certified.
  • Remote control with digital display.
  • Programmable timer and sleep mode.
  • 8-way direction control.
  • Automatic restart.
  • Washable air filter with Filter alert.
  • Eco-mode conserves energy.
  • Special 230V electrical outlet required (this unit won’t work with a standard 115V outlet).
  • It’s not a light unit but it’s not heavy.
  • Only three cooling speeds.

LG LW2516ER 24,500 BTU

LG did a good job because the dehumidification is up to 7.7 pints per hour. As you know lots of units designed for larger spaces have trouble with humidity and owners are forced to buy an extra dehumidifier very often. The removal of humidity is dependent on the square footage of the room and the level of pints per hour. The value of 7.7 pints per hour is enough for 1650 sq. ft. and a cooling capacity 24,500 BTU even if you struggle with a very high humidity level at home.

Thankfully, I can say this unit offers not only a washable filter but also a filter control. You are asked to clean the filter when the light gives you a sign. It’s perfect for people who forget to clean it regularly. I love it when the appliance is designed for larger spaces. You aren’t in closer contact with the unit and rely on the remote control compared to smaller machines. Therefore, the alarm is a brilliant thing on how to drag your attention.

I usually rate the level of noise above 60 dB as a non-convenient. For your better overview, 60 dB is like a loud talk between two persons. This model shows 61 dB on low. The truth is the AC unit is dedicated to a larger room and the noise can spread. It means, it isn’t so bad as a noisy air conditioner in a small bedroom where you sleep.

The energy-efficient mode reminds me of an energy-saving car with its turning on and off. I like how much it saves me money but the process of turning on and off a bit annoying. If you can live with it then it’s OK.

However, the special 230V electrical outlet is required, because the model can’t work with a standard 115V outlet, I must admit it’s a great appliance.

  • A cooling area is up to 1,650 sq. ft.
  • Washable filter plus Filter alarm function when it’s time to clean the filter.
  • Remote control.
  • Energy Star Certified.
  • Dehumidification is up to 7.7 pints per hour.
  • Energy-efficient mode.
  • Special 230V electrical outlet required (the unit won’t work with a standard 115V outlet).
  • Noise level 61 dB (on low).
  • 4-way air direction.

The Bottom Line

There is no winner or looser. There is only one honest review based on the experience of people I know and mine. I did not compare units with the same cooling capacity in BTU. All of the appliances have a different level of BTU. And of course, all of them belong to a cheap or average category.

Since I put together only top rated window air conditioners they have more positive properties and benefits. However, this is an honest review and if there is something I really don’t like and can see it a potential risk or a big drawback I pointed out it in text. I hope it gave you a better overview.

I rate the units very critically and compromise some aspects when there was something that has more significant importance.

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