Cons And Pros Of Using A Window Air Conditioner

Cons And Pros Of Using A Window Air Conditioner

A window air conditioner is a kind of appliance that is getting to be more and more popular. On the other hand, people usually wonder what are the cons and pros of the unit if they start to think about a purchase.

It’s always great to know the facts about something you desire to buy in order not to waste your money or spend it ineffectively. You should know if the unit is for you if you will be able to operate the device during the summer regarding your family budget and if you can repair it on your own.

You should definitely know how it works before considering all the cons and pros. If you want to know answers for all of the questions keep reading!

What is A Window Air Conditioner?

This smaller and basic type of air conditioner is very popular and lots of people admire its simplicity. There are no external features complicated to install or extend their performance. If you choose the unit you can rely on one compact device where all components are located inside.

A window AC contains two fans on either side of the unit. While one fan is next to the condenser the second fan is next to the evaporator. The device uses a double shaft motor. The indoor side obtains an evaporator which is related to the ability to cool down a room where it’s installed. The outdoor side has a condenser pushing hot air outside.

As was mentioned it’s a very simple device for cooling your home down. Therefore, you couldn’t expect too much like some additional features mounted in it. There is no possibility to extend your device for example to filtration for pollen when it’s needed.

How To Install A Window AC?

The amazing thing about this appliance is being mountable without a need to pay professionals. Since the installation is easy you simply need a few screws and a little bit of effort.

To clarify, open the window you want to use and put the AC on a windowsill. Then, mount the window shut by using a few screws. It’s very easy and fast and you can immediately start to run the machine.

If you are not sure about using the screws try out any video on youtube.

Do I Have To Reinstall My Unit For Winter?

Unfortunately, the unit has to be reinstall when the summer is over. The sad fact is the window air conditioner could be damaged during the winter. Therefore, you should keep it in mind and reinstall the device before the winter comes.

This is also related to storage space. Since the unit couldn’t be mounted in winter you should have a place where it can be placed in cold months. It means it’s demanding for room and you should take it into consideration before making a purchase.

How Many Rooms Can I Cool Down By Using The Unit?

Compare to a central AC the window AC unit is designed for use in one room. Many people think they can save money if they open the door and let change cool and hot air between the cooled and non-cooled room.

This procedure isn’t ideal since the unit is optimized for one room. Also, when you use the window AC you can probably observe hot and cool spots in a room. This is caused by worse airflow because the cooling unit is mounted in one place and there is no duct network to send the cold air from the top of the room to the bottom.

If you know that you spend most of your time in one room of the home you can simply rely on the window-mounted air conditioning. If you buy an efficient unit it’s easy to achieve the optimal temperature in the room.

How Does A Window Air Conditioner Work?

If you wonder how a window air conditioner works you will be amazed at how smart and the effective device it is.

As it was briefly mentioned the unit consists of two fans located on the front and rear side. The indoor facing side includes an evaporator with the first fan. This side of a unit is responsible for regulating the temperature in a room. The outdoor side has a condenser with the second fan. This side sends hot air from a room into the outside.

When you turn on the unit the device starts to push the air from inside to outside through air filter. The flowing air gets in contact with the evaporating coil. The coil cools down the air which is sent back.

Every unit has a thermostat to regulate the temperature of the cold air. The only difference is in the type of thermostat depending on the window AC you bought.

What Are The Types of Thermostats?

In general, the thermostats help to regulate the temperature of cool air according to your demands. But the type of thermostat is dependent on a model of window air conditioner you chose.

The cheap window air conditioner usually has a rotary dial. You need to rotate the rotary dial if you desire to change the temperature. But this kind of thermostat will never allow you to obtain the exact degree of cold air. Therefore, you have to rely on subject feelings if you are satisfied with the temperature or not.

The more expensive window AC is equipped with a digital control panel. This kind of thermostat allows you to set the exact temperature such as 71 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s more than brilliant for more sensitive people or seniors.

However, this unit costs more than cheap units they also provide perfect modern features such as remote controls or mobile apps. You will see how much you will appreciate them.

Cons And Pros of Window AC

If you still wonder if this appliance is for you or not and need some arguments before a purchase you will appreciate a detailed conclusion of the advantages and disadvantages of the unit. Let’s take a look at all the cons and pros of a window AC.

Pros of Window AC

Cheap Unit To Buy And To Operate

Thankfully, this type of device isn’t dramatically expensive and I can say the window AC is pretty cheap. The unit represents a brilliant balance between start price and efficiency.

If you follow many reviews, feedback of owners, and instructions on the internet you can get a pretty solid AC which didn’t cost thousands of dollars.

Operating the unit in the summer months isn’t expensive at all. You can rely on an amount of max 30 USD per month and it’s worth.

DIY Installation

For those who don’t want or can’t spend extra money on the installation of the AC unit, it’s a great choice to buy a window air conditioner.

You don’t need to pay for professional help. The only thing is to put the unit on a windowsill when the window is open. Then, fix the window shut by using a few screws and that’s it!

Energy Efficiency

A window air conditioner is a very energy-efficient appliance. Lots of the units meet Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The EER is the ratio of the cooling capacity to the power input. The higher the EER value signed the more efficient the air conditioner. It means if you want to buy a new AC you should look at the energy star label. Check the most energy efficient window air conditioners.

Cons of Window AC

Reinstallation Before Winter

Since the installation is simply about putting the unit on a windowsill and mounting by using a few screws and fix window shut you have to reinstall the unit before the winter comes.

The bad weather conditions could badly damage your unit and it’s much better to close the window for the winter season.

Therefore, you should be prepared and have a place where it’s possible to store your window air conditioner during the cold months.

Using in One Room

The window AC units are basically designed to be used in one room you usually spend your time most. These units don’t have a system of duct network pushing the air through the room.

However, you maybe find out this drawback as crucial there is also an advantage. You simply cool down what you need and don’t waste money for rooms you don’t use or need.

Hot And Cold Spots

You have a unit where the equipment for cooling is included inside then the cold air is sending through the unit installed on a windowsill. To clarify, your room doesn’t have any system of ducts built-in ceiling and floor in order to help the air to move.

Therefore, you can observe hot and cold spots in a room. These spots are caused by the worse airflow in a room and many people aren’t satisfied with them. Nevertheless, there are people who accepted as a necessary drawback and the cold spots are used by men and the hot spots are used by women. It depends on your preferences.

Is It Worth To Buy Window AC?

As I considered all the cons and pros of window air conditioner you can see it’s really worth buying the window AC unit. BTW do you know that there exist window AC units with heating?

If you’re on a budget and can’t spend too much money on the unit and operating one every hot month it’s a great idea to buy it. This appliance is a simple and cheap tool on how to cool down what you need and feel comfortable without having to change the layout of your house.

Window unit doesn’t require extra money for installation and maintenance and therefore it’s ideal for every household demanding a perfect compromise between a price and performance.

The final conclusion is – yes, the window AC is definitely worth to buy for your home!

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