How To Avoid Top 5 Unpleasant Window AC Unit Problems

How To Avoid Top 5 Unpleasant Window AC Unit Problems

Window air conditioners are very smart and cheap appliances whose features are close to the central AC units these days. On the internet, there are tons of guides about how to choose your perfect unit but usually, you don’t meet any article about possible problems or risks you can struggle with.

Therefore, I summarized the most common five unpleasant window AC unit problems that you can meet and I added the solutions of them as well.

Problem 1: Too Narrow Windowsill for Installation of Window AC Unit

Safety is number one for all of us. If you follow the instructions of a manufacturer everything should be fine and you shouldn’t face any issues. But some people have a very narrow sill and they are worried about the unpleasant window AC unit problem which is a possibility that the unit plummets from the window. No worries, if the unit is installed properly nothing could happen.

For those who need peace of mind, the best solution is to use the universal window AC support. It looks like a conditioner bracket and it’s adjustable. Therefore, it’s suitable for almost every unit. Of course, you have to install the support before you put the window air conditioner on a sill. This smart metal thing doesn’t require any tools for installation.

You can also choose the support bracket only for the outer part of the device. It helps you with the stability however you have to screw it into the wall from outside.

PRO TIP: According to instructions of the major vast of the manufacturer you don’t need to add any additional support for your unit. But the support is a great thing when you are worried about the safety and weight of the outer window air conditioner part. Choose the support bracket due to measurement of the unit and its BTU.

Problem 2: Blowing Air Through Gaps Around A Machine

Sometimes you can notice that around the appliance there are microscopic gaps or cracks. They are very dangerous because of air leaks through them. The situation is the same as you would want to ride with a car with open windows while using AC. Of course, we want to avoid these unpleasant window AC unit problems.

Most of the models are sold with weatherstrips. It’s a great tool for how to protect the window as well as the unit. The strip should be glued to a window frame. Then, is provide the highest level of protection.

If you found out some gaps and you don’t use weatherstrips the best solution for you is to apply the weather seal on every place where you can see the gaps. Use scissors and cut as many parts as you need and squeeze them between a window shut and your unit.

This small invention helps you protect your home and not cool the air outside. Also, if you don’t store your unit after the summer season and let the device on a sill it protects you against leaking of freezing air in winter.

PRO TIP: Install the weatherstrip before the installation of a window air conditioner on a sill. If you haven’t received the weatherstrip in a package of your bought appliance and it’s been already installed use the weather seal.

Problem 3: Noisy Raindrops Falling Down on A Unit

Even in the summer days, you can struggle with rainy days. It’s very nice to feel the fresh air when it’s rainy but the rain also brings unpleasant window AC unit problems. The biggest one is raindrops falling down on your appliance and making a terrible noise as the water touches the metal construction.

This sound can ruin not only a very nice afternoon or evening but the worst effect comes when the night comes and you want to sleep. Maybe you know the feeling when you have to get up after an awful night when you tried to sleep but you couldn’t. Some of us try to ignore the terrible noise and after some time they say it’s just background noise and nobody cares.

This problem has a very easy solution. You need to buy a window AC unit drip cushion. This little tool is cheap under $20. In general, it’s a water-absorbing pad having a magnetic back.

For the installation, you have to measure the outer part of a unit. Then, cut the cushion by using scissors according to measurements of your appliance. Put the magnetic back of the pad on the top of the metal AC unit. The cushion will fit perfectly regarding the magnetic part.

PRO TIP: Install the window AC unit drip cushion before you install the unit on a windowsill. It’s not easy to measure the outer part of unit when the unit is outside of the window. Also the installation of the cushion is easier if the unit is sitting on a floor then hanging in a window.

Problem 4: Weak Filtration

The major vast of window air conditioning models on a market is provided with a washable filter. When the air is sucked inside the machine it’s necessary to filter the air because the room air contains dust and dirt particles.

These small particles could clog your unit or make it complicated to cool your room down. When the particles are stored inside the heat is accumulated there more and more and the appliance has to consume lots of energy compared to a clean unit – read more about the most energy-efficient window AC.

A washable filter should be cleaned every two or three weeks. As everything also the filter gets old and seems to be worn out having holes. Then, it’s time to change the filter. But what to do when you find out that your filtration is too week and you suspect the unit that doesn’t work properly? Then, we struggle with an unpleasant window AC unit problem.

You can purchase a filter that is more durable, thicker, and more tightly-woven than the rest of the filters on a market. Usually, it’s sold in a big pack and it’s more than easy to cut the size you need by using scissors. The rest of the package you can store for next time using which is very economical.

PRO TIP: If you can feel an unpleasant odor while your unit is working it’s a good signal of a clogged filter where bacterias and allergens can grow. Wash it very carefully by using a kitchen soap. If the cleaning doesn’t help buy the thicker filter and protect your home against bacterias.

Problem 5: Unit Can’t Be Stored and Has to Stay on A Windowsill

The window air conditioner should be stored on a dry a well-ventilated place after the season ends. The bad weather condition could badly damage the machine. You have to reinstall the unit from the window, shut the window down and put your appliance on an attic, basement, or tool shed but not in a garage or similar place where the unit is exposed to attacks of rodents and insects.

Unfortunately, lots of people don’t have space where to store their units safely. Or the reinstallation and preparation for the next summer season are too complicated for them so they chose the option to let the appliance on a windowsill.

If you belong to this group of people and you wonder about how to protect your unit against the cold though winter weather you should find an appropriate cover for the appliance. The cover protects the outside part of the device.

The window air conditioner cover is cheap usually under $20 and you don’t need any extra tools to install it. You have to only slip the cover on and fasten it with a draw-cord string. Try to find the cover according to the measurements and BTU of your unit.

PRO TIP: The investment in a cover made from a high-quality material helps you to prolong the life of your appliance. Use the cover immediately after post-season maintenance to protect the device not only against cold weather but also against rodents, bugs, and spider that want to use your unit as a shelter.

The Bottom Line

Although you can face unpleasant window AC unit problems it’s still a perfect appliance with a fabulous ration of price and performance – check the best window air conditioner reviews.

I introduced the five most common and annoying issues you could possibly meet and I also offered the best solutions by using smart cheap gadgets. If you struggle with the same troubles consider taking a close look at them. When the season is coming nobody wants to solve any inconveniences related to AC.

I love to enjoy the comfort and cooled home. And if there is a possibility of how to prolong a life of your appliance or how to make your life easier and more comfortable you should hesitate to use the opportunity. Stay cool!

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