Troubleshooting Window Air Conditioner Problems - Questions & Answers

Q&A: Troubleshooting Window Air Conditioner Problems

Window air conditioners represent a perfect balance between performance and price. They are cheap but can be very useful to help you during the hot summer months to struggle with sweating. The AC unit is a great helper and can stay with us for many seasons.

However, they are designed to serve hours, months, and years after getting old they can have some technical issues. For nobody of us, it’s pleasant to solve troubleshooting air conditioner problems.

Of course, if any problem pops up it’s better to solve the problem on your own without having to pay for customer services. This makes a difference compared to a central AC unit which is so complicated so that you have to pay for maintenance, cleaning, and troubleshooting by hiring a team of professionals.

Troubleshooting Air Conditioner Problems in Questions and Answers

The main troubleshooting air conditioner problems can be described by a simple example issue. We prepared this guide to categorize the common problems you could struggle with. The possible issues are formulated in questions that are accompanied by answers what you should do if you can see this kind of pro trouble.

This guide focuses on the main troubles that are very common and people can solve them on their own. Keep in mind if you are not sure about solving the issue or if it’s too difficult you should call the experts. They can provide professional services and prevent any damages you could do by trying to fix the problem by unprofessional acting.

I can hear strange noises coming from my air conditioner. Is it normal?

If your unit works normally and suddenly you find out that there are some very strange noises it’s definitely not normal. Try to listen to the noise very carefully. Can you hear any odd, loud or wailing noises? It’s a probable sign of having an issue with an internal part of your window AC unit.

This is caused by a fan of a unit very often. When the belt is worn out it could become dislodged in the back of the appliance. If it’s possible to readjust it back again. But be prepared that you will have to replace the belt after some time. The new part improves the efficiency of your AC.

Why do I feel some unpleasant odor from my unit?

It can happen after some time when your unit doesn’t work or when your window AC unit is stored during cold months. Since the appliance is a place where lots of moisture is when the unit is working you have to pay attention to hygienic cleaning. To clarify, the inner space of a machine is a spot where bacteria and mold are accumulated regarding the moisture.

Focus on regularly cleaning or replacing your air filter (it depends on your model) and don’t forget to clean your compressor as well. As a prevention, you should double-check from time to time if the unit doesn’t accumulate too much moisture in the inner space.

Keep in mind the moisture is a great background for growing bacterias and other allergens. Focus more often on cleaning your machine and prevent this smelling troubleshooting air conditioner problems.

Why the water is dripping down from the front panel of a unit?

If you are more familiar with inner parts of the window air conditioner you know that there is lots of condensation around the evaporator coil. If the machine works properly the moisture concentrate on a metal pan at the bottom of the AC. Then it’s flown through a hole.

When you start observing that the water is dripping down from the front panel the metal pan isn’t sloping correctly towards the back of the appliance. The air conditioner should be on a level if not the pan can’t be slopped towards the back which causes this kind of issue. Correct the position of your unit to solve the trouble.

Why is my unit automatically switched off and on so often?

Unfortunately, there is not only one answer to your question. The causes of this kind of issue could be different however the automatic switching off and on is a pretty good sign of having a problem with a thermostat or temperature sensors.

First, look at a thermostat and temperature sensors to be sure that they do not touch an evaporator coil. If they touch each other adjust them in order not to touch anymore.

Once, you are sure it wasn’t your case make sure the thermostat doesn’t block any subjects like curtains. Also, double-check the condenser coil. It could be blocked by some obstacles. If so, remove them. In the last step, you have to inspect the fins that could be bent or badly damaged. For bent fins, there is a quick help you need to repair them by using a fin comb.

If these solutions don’t fit either work you should ask a professional for help. The thermostat or temperature sensors maybe need to be replaced. Another possible cause of your problem could be a low level of refrigerant.

What happened when my AC unit doesn’t blow out cold air?

If you struggle with this problem you’re not alone. Lots of window AC owners deal with the same issue and try to find troubleshooting air conditioner problems.

The first cause which can make your unit not to blow the cold air is a dirty air filter. So, your first step should be cleaning of the air filter or replacement (depending on a type of your AC unit).

The second cause why you are waiting for the cold air with no result is a damaged condenser coil. You can find this part of an appliance from the outer side. A damaged coil has to be replaced immediately. And if you find out the fins are bents you can easily fix it by using a fin comb and straighten them.

Why can’t I switch on my window air conditioner unit?

When the appliance doesn’t react for turning on demand you use a simple trick. Unplug the unit from the outlet and plug it in again. Then, try to switch it on again.

If it doesn’t work you should double-check the electrical circuit box for a tripped breaker or blown fuse. This could help to solve your issue. When you’re ready try to turn the unit on.

If that didn’t help then you could have a smart window air conditioner unit – with a lock feature in the AC’s control application.

Why my window air conditioner repeatedly tripping a circuit breaker or blowing a fuse?

This problem seems to be pretty bad. The reason why it’s happening is that the machine is overloading the electrical circuit. Why?

When your device is plugged into the same electrical circuit as other appliances the circuit can struggle with overloading.

Thankfully, there are two possible solutions to your issue.

The first solution is to plug your window air conditioner into a separate electrical circuit which means no other devices use the same circuit. This step prevents overloading the circuit, tripping the breaker or blowing a fuse. But it’s an additional investment because you have to hire a professional to do it.

Of course, you have another option. Find out what ones of your home appliances share the same electrical circuit and unplug them. But keep in mind it’s not a good solution if the same circuit is share with devices that need to be plugged in all day long such as a fridge.

The Bottom Line

In this troubleshooting window air conditioner problems guide, we explained the most common issues you can struggle with. Every example case includes more than one solution. Following the step by step on how to fix the trouble can help you to get rid off the unpleasant trouble.

If a problem you’re currently dealing with isn’t part of our guide or if the suggested solutions don’t work it’s time to call experts and ask for help.

It’s not easy to deal with some problems but keep in mind it’s the easiest way to repair your unit on your own and have the same appliance for another couple of seasons than spend a big amount of money for a new window AC unit. Let’s fix all problems and focus on prevention instead of time and money demanding to choose a new machine.

Sometimes the problem can be unrepairable and you’ll need to buy a new AC unit. I have prepared an honest unbiased review of the best window air conditioners – you can find your new AC there.

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